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Head Injury TechnologyA ‘Pitch Count’ for your brain.

Abusing your arm can ruin you baseball career. That’s why Little League has a pitch count.

Well, abusing your head can ruin your life. That’s why we’ve developed the i1 Biometrics Impact Sensing Mouthguard - a state-of-the-art product that can track and tally the instant and cumulative forces of collisions that happen during all levels of competition.

And, the information gathered will be available throughout your playing career. It’s like your brain’s impact history in a microchip.

The i1 Biometrics Impact Technology

The innovative new i1 Biometrics Impact Intelligence System is a complete solution to the growing epidemic of undiagnosed Sports Brain Injuries. We can measure the location and level of each hit an athlete has absorbed and we can create a real-time assessment of the athlete’s exposure to impacts sustained on the field.

i1 Biometrics scientists have pioneered a proprietary collection of advanced accelerometer and gyroscope technology embedded on a microscopic circuit board within each one of our innovative mouthguards.

Head Brain InjurySystem Features

  • Impact sensing mouthguards to outfit entire team
  • Sideline assessment application
  • Real-time wireless base station
  • Customizable software package
  • Mobile Notification Device
  • Mouthguard charging stations
  • Field kit case 


  • Quantitative and accurate real-time impact information
  • Athlete information can be stored and monitored over entire athletic career
  • Impact alerts wirelessly sent to sideline personnel
  • Suite of tools supporting athlete assessment in bench vs. play decisions, recovery and safe return-to-play protocols

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VistamaxxVistamaxx™ - Material Innovation

i1 Biometrics is excited to introduce the biggest material innovation to boil and bite mouthguards in over 50 years!

Vistamaxx™ is a family of polyolefin elastomers manufactured by ExxonMobil Chemical. Vistamaxx™ has been patented for mouthguard manufacturing and the rights to use the material are exclusive to i1 Biometrics and its family of companies.The material is biocompatible, hydrophobic and exhibits properties and performance superior to the currently used boil-and-bite ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers. The biocompatible property means that Vistamaxx has no tissue reaction within the mouth and the hydrophobic property means that it will not absorb fluids.

The properties of Vistamaxx make it an excellent material for any mouthguard, but the fit of Vistamaxx™, made it a fundamental component to the Impact Intelligence Mouthguard. The i1 Biometrics researchers realized that they needed a material that would allow for a strong coupling to the upper jaw so that the Impact Intelligence Mouthguard can produce an accurate measurement.

The Vistamaxx™ material has excellent retention with an exceptionally soft feel. Vistamaxx™ is odorless, tasteless and has good shock absorbing/dissipative properties and sufficient thickness protection in all areas. Because of the excellent retention and slower crystallization, the Vistamaxx™ material allows for a fantastic coupling to the upper jaw and an almost custom fit of the Impact Intelligence Mouthguard. Vistamaxx also allows the Impact Intelligence Mouthguard to be reboiled multiple times. If the teeth move, or if the mouthguard is fit incorrectly, the mouthguard can be reboiled and refit for the comfort of the athlete. Vistamaxx™ is also a braces compatible product, any athlete wearing braces can still wear the Impact Intelligence Mouthguard.

Vision _statement 04

At i1 Biometrics, we’re constantly driven to provide unparalleled innovation in performance and sports safety, which is why we’re extremely excited to design, test, manufacture, and release the Impact Intelligence System

We’re moving beyond the peak linear acceleration data that is captured in many of today’s sensor systems. More than just improved impact information for athletes, our system provides real-time display of advanced impact measures, such as rotational acceleration and impact metrics.

On and off the field, these metrics can provide a number of opportunities, including helping trainers identify dangerous behaviors, providing a foundation for better tackling techniques and supporting longitudinal studies on impact injuries and the mechanisms for those injuries. 

Working with outside researchers, we’re determined to create a robust database to measure advanced impact data that will lend itself to changes in safety equipment, performance enhancement and the ability to help coaches with interactive coaching analysis. 

Future products will include additional form factors that will collect additional biometric data,
so that researchers can make better guidelines for sports and the athletes that play them. 


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